Looking To Buy Henry Hoovers Online?

If you fancy bringing a friendly face to your cleaning operations, how about buying Henry Hoover at Mr Cleaning Supplies?

Made by Numatic International, the Henry Hoover is one of the most instantly recognisable hoovers in the world. Numatic International was established in 1969 and they created the famous Henry Hoover in 1981, when he quickly became popular with domestic cleaners and companies all over the UK.

Henry Hoover is not only a cultural icon, he also offers powerful cleaning and high levels of performance.

Tackle grime, dirt and dust with a cheerful hoover.

At Mr Cleaning Supplies, you can buy Henry Hoovers at the most competitive prices online. We have various colours available, including green, pink, red and yellow. You can not only purchase Henry Hoovers but also lease them for highly affordable prices.

If you fancy a feminine edge, why not consider the Pink Hetty Compact Vacuum? Highly attractive and lots of fun, this vacuum cleaner will brighten up your cleaning schedule. It includes a full ASO accessory kit and Tritex infiltration system.

All our Henry Hoovers, along with Hetty, come with a one-year warranty.

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