Numatic CV570 Wet or Dry Vaccum

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Numatic CV570 Wet or Dry Vaccum
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The new CombiVac will be found at home in the dirtiest of places.The unique filter system enables the user to switch from dry to wet pick up without the hassle of changing filters or kits.


Numatic CV570 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a big change to previous generations of vacuum that were only wet or dry.

This compact industrial wet and dry vacuum is made from the same strong StructoFoam material as the WV and WVD line of machines. StructoFoam is very lightweight and very strong, it allows the CV570 to be used in industrial environments and stand up to the knocks and bumps that industrial machines often see in the working environment.

 This new ability to carry out both processes without down time makes the CV very efficient to use day to day

The filters can simply be removed from the machine (only requires the removal of a couple of clips) then rinsed under a hose, once completely dry they are ready for more work, whether that be wet or dry. 

The vacuum is emptied in the same manner you would empty a bucket of water, the top of the machine is unclipped, filters removed, the waste can then be tipped out into a suitable receptacle. This process takes seconds and the machine can be ready to go straight away.

The CV 570 comes supplied with a wet and a dry floor wand allowing the machine to be used for drying floors from spills or after cleaning. For dry applications the dry floor tool will allow the vacuum to clear builders dust and similar waste with ease. 

The main difference between the CV and WV range is that you do not need to change any filters when changing from wet to dry mode whilst using the vacuum, in fact there is no wet or dry mode on the CV range, it is permanently set up to tackle any type of non hazardous waste.This means no need to store the “other” set of filters, e.g. whilst using it in wet mode there is no need to store the dry filter and vice-versa.




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Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Color Blue
Weight Display Simplex 13.6 KG Duplex 15.8 KG
Width N/A
Height N/A
Side Display N/A
Depth N/A

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